From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rob, well unfortunately they are pretty complex formats to deal with well, particularly DWG.

Autodesk does not document the DWG format, actually it's more the reverse where they have actually tried to make DWG difficult for other programs to read. They only document DXF.

So this makes DWG difficult to deal with directly, you really have to use a library to make it possible to deal with DWG and the libraries are pretty expensive.

Since Autodesk has actually put effort into trying to prevent other programs from reading and writing DWG, it just makes me kind of think "forget about it, that's such a mess I won't even fuss with that" or something along those lines.

DXF though is on my list of things to add in to MoI, it will probably be the next file format that I add in support for. But adding in support for file formats involves quite a lot of work, especially lots of testing with other programs.

Things that involve lots of work take lots of time and do not happen all at once...

- Michael