Improved Lock

 From:  Michael Gibson
3762.2 In reply to 3762.1 
Hi NightCabbage, it's a great idea, but probably the key thing would be to have the transparency working.

Otherwise without being able to actually see what you are selecting there is the potential for some bad stuff to happen, for example imagine that you just click down and drag the mouse a little bit because you wanted to do window rectangle selection.

But instead of doing the area selection what actually happened is that you selected an object that you couldn't see and actually dragged it to a new spot.

So without being able to see what you were going to be selecting it could be a big problem.

I do want to add in some transparency at some point, but there will probably be a fair amount of work involved with that to do it well.

Selection is just generally a pretty sensitive area to mess with, it is easy for there to be bad side effects to things that seem like they would be helpful in other particular circumstances.

- Michael