Small Feature Wish

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Kiril,

> 1 - Join + Rebuild (Tolerance/Number) combination button

So you mean something like join on left-click and rebuild on right-click?

Where would you like this button to go, do you just want to add the right-click part to the existing Edit > Join button, or do you want a complete new button somewhere for this? (possibly on the bottom toolbar, there is usually a lot of space down there next to the grid and object snap buttons)

> 2 - Dedicated Boolean Buttons for Substract and Merge

Where would you want these?

> 3 - Select only 'compound' paths

You mean curves that are made up of more than 1 sub-segment? (that will break into multiple pieces when using Separate on them?)

> 4 - Work plane buttons that automatically align plane to
> selection and a button to reset it.
> 5 - Select Loop(all connected but un-joined paths)

These ones would require a lot more stuff than adding a button, it would require new code logic to also handle these. Probably these would not be feasible until MoI v3.

> Would you mind posting the some details how this might
> be done(the button addition part)?

Certainly, just give me a bit more info on where you want to put the buttons.

- Michael