Fillet Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sharif,

> In bonzai3d with fillet command you can fillet corners in
> this condition as they were showing in the video.

Well, it sort of does but not quite exactly - after watching that video I gave bonzai3d a test to see what it does in that situation (since there is no actual true fillet arc that can work there), and I found out that it creates a blend spline curve in to make that rounded corner.

That could be a potential problem, because it actually says the mode is "circular", yet it builds a kind of generic spline curve piece that is not actually an exact circular arc...

It could be convenient though to have fillet do that, but maybe not in some way that could fool you into thinking you had an arc when you do not, like maybe that could be enabled in MoI if you set the fillet Shape: option to be a blend shape rather than a circular shape.

- Michael