3dconnexion (spacenavigator)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Necko,

> comparing ARCHICAD navigation and MOI main difference
> is that ARCHICAD is not locked to anything. Im able to freely
> fly aroud object or house, or planet dosntmatter what size it
> is and it works flawlesly in perspective and paralel view.

Yes, but that kind of free movement causes a different problem - it makes it so you can no longer stay focused on one particular area of a model that you are working on. Every time you zoom in with that kind of a system the rotation pivot point will move around, so that if you then rotate after your zoom you will not be rotating around the same point.

That means that you can't do something like zoom in on a specific corner of the model and then also rotate around that same corner afterwards.

> Can you Michel make option when you zoom in or out to go
> ito space not to rotation pivot point ?

Yes, it should be possible for me to put in an option for this behavior, I've added it to the wishlist: http://moi3d.com/wiki/wishlist

> or should i go to 3dconnexion forum and there post whis wish ?

No, it's something that is part of MoI's behavior, for how it responds to the zoom events coming from the 3dconnexion device. So it's not something that the 3dconnexion people would be able to adjust themselves.

- Michael