3dconnexion (spacenavigator)

 From:  necko (NECKO77)
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thx for your answer, and expl. how stuf works...

In archicad i have no problem moving around, i even have to slow down all commands to be able to move precise.

In archicad i work in perspective cos its more natural for me (paralel view is a little bit strange, you know what i mean)

I tryed paralel view in Moi and it works like it supose to work, i tryed with the area zoom and you are right about that too :) ( i dont like to work in paralel view, cos its not natural to me)

comparing ARCHICAD navigation and MOI main difference is that ARCHICAD is not locked to anything. Im able to freely fly aroud object or house, or planet dosntmatter what size it is and it works flawlesly in perspective and paralel view.

If you can update this it could be great...but i know that you have important stuff to do.
Thx for your time Michael
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