3dconnexion (spacenavigator)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi necko - when you zoom in it will try to approach the rotation pivot point, so that you can more easily zoom right in to a particular area of interest.

If that rotation pivot point is some distance in front of the point that you actually want to go to, then you can experience that kind of thing that you're describing - it's slowing down because it is trying to come close to that pivot point instead of just running right by it.

When you to a pretty small distance away from the pivot point, then it will stop trying to just approach it and then start to move past it.

So there are a couple of things that you can do to control this.

The first is that you can set the rotation pivot point to the point you are interested in zooming in on, that should make your zoom-in work more predictably. To set the pivot point, use the "Zoom area" button at semi-transparent toolbar at the bottom of a viewport. The center point that you pick for the zoom will become the new rotation pivot point.

Also if you do a view Reset operation, the rotation pivot point will be set to the center of the objects that were zoomed to.

Another thing that you can do is to switch the 3D view into parallel display mode rather than perspective display mode. In parallel display mode zooming works differently, it's done by just a scale factor instead of being sensitive to an eye location point, and so it doesn't have this same kind of issue.

Is it possible that the 3D view that you're using in archicad is a parallel one and not a perspective view? If so then that would be one big reason why it behaves differently.

To set MoI in to parallel view mode, go to Options > View > 3D view projection.

The view mode is saved when you save to a 3DM file. If you want to make a parallel view used when starting up MoI, create a file with the view set to parallel in it and then specify that file as the startup template under Options > General. Then the stuff in that 3DM file will be read in when you start up MoI, you can use that same way to set default styles and other things like that too.

Hope this helps,

- Michael