From:  steve (STEVE_HOME)
Hi Michael,

I have been meaning to ask this for a while.

A simple example to try and explain.

I have a circle that is tangent to 3 points(this is not directly relevant as I have seen similar without this construction). I then place a line from circle center to int of circle/line which then highlights that intersection, but what are the other intersections that are showing and snappable on either side of that actual intersection?

example file attached.

pic showing area

pic showing zoomed into that area and showing the other snap points.

There are also other similar intersections showing next to the other tangent intersections.

I did disable grid/straight snaps, and also disable Apparent intersections, but still those snap points show. I do not see this in V1.

Could you please explain what these extra intersections are? They cause me an headache/bad constructions in some models.

- Steve