Dealing with block instances

 From:  Michael Gibson
3734.2 In reply to 3734.1 
Hi okapi, in the future I do want to have an instance mechanism in MoI which would then likely give a good thing to map Rhino block instances to.

Currently what happens with blocks is that they are read in as "round trip data", which is stored in an internal table so that if you save the file back out again all those blocks will then get written back to the file. MoI does this with the various kinds of 3DM data that it does not deal with currently, like blocks, spotlights, dimensions, etc...

I didn't want to just automatically explode blocks into individual pieces when reading the file, because that would then significantly alter the structure of the file if you just opened it and saved it back again out of MoI.

So anyway, currently to make those block instances show up in MoI you need to explode them yourself in Rhino first before sending the model to MoI.

- Michael