Vertical text

 From:  Michael Gibson
3732.2 In reply to 3732.1 
Hi Mark,

> Is there a way to make MoI "write" the characters
> vertically as well as horizontally?

There isn't any way to make the characters initially vertical, but you can move the characters around after they are created to re-arrange them vertically.

> Even better would be a way to write characters and any angle.

The characters will follow the orientation of the construction plane, so you can create the characters at a particular angle by setting the construction plane to that angle before you create the text.

But that's the equivalent of rotating the text after it is created - vertically placing each character like this:


is a different kind of thing than rotation.

> Also, is it possible to add fonts to the text option?

You mean make more fonts available to the fonts dropdown? MoI will make use of whatever TrueType fonts are available in Windows, so to make more available just install more fonts in Windows.

- Michael