Space-Navigator: Rotating to slow

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anton,

> Hey Micheal, is there any possibility to increase
> the rotation "input" in MoI.

Yes, there are a bunch of options you can use for adjusting the Space Navigator behavior to tune it to what you want.

To get to the options, go the Options dialog, then the View section, and then click the "Rotate/Pan/Zoom" options button here:

Then on the dialog that pops up there are various controls on the right-hand side under the "3Dconnexion options" section. You can put in a scale factor in the Rotation speed item here:

So for example if you want to double the rotation speed put in a value of 2 there.

> Even when working simultaneously with my pen tablet,
> there is this certain conflict (input SpaceNav vs. input tablet)
> which causes jerky movements and I can only cope with
> getting the pen away while moving in space and which I
> know also from Cinema 4D. But as in Cinema I think this
> has to do with the certain way MoI is designed.

No, this is not due to any special design in MoI, it's likely to be some behavior specific to the Space navigator driver. Particularly since you see the same problem in both Cinema4D and MoI as well.

You might try downloading the newest space navigator driver from 3dconnexion's web site ( and see if that improves the space navigator's behavior for you or not.

> Would be nice to hear, whether you are working on this or not?

No, there is nothing that I am aware of that I can do in MoI that is related to that, MoI just takes the input that the driver sends.

If the driver does not send the data to MoI regularly when some other device is active there isn't really anything that I can do about that.

You might try one of the demo programs that gets installed with the space navigator driver and if you can replicate the same behavior there, then contact 3dconnexion support and ask them about the issue and see if they can come up with an improvement in the driver to solve it.

- Michael