Assigning own shortcuts?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anton, there's a section in the Options dialog for assigning shortcuts.

First open the Options dialog, the button for that is on the bottom toolbar near the right hand side here:

Then click the section for "Shortcut keys" here:

Use the "Add" button to add in a new blank shortcut entry, and fill in the left-hand Key column with whatever key you want to trigger it, and put the name of the command you want triggered in the right-hand column.

You can find some more information about shortcuts and a list of all command names in the online help file topic here:

> Even in the internet there is absolutely no
> clue how to manage this issue.

Actually there is information available on the web site on it - to get to the above help topic from the web site, first click on "Resources" on the main web page:

That will take you to various links to information and tutorials and stuff like that. Go to the 5th link down for info on shortcuts (which includes the link to the help file):

In the main help file to get to this topic go to the command reference section of the help file and there will be a link there for the Shortcut keys topic.

You can also actually use the XYZ input control on the bottom toolbar as a mini command line entry. If you type the Tab key, focus will go there and you can type in a command name and push Enter to launch a command that way if you wish.

There is also an option you can set in the moi.ini file which will put all keystrokes into that field automatically without pressing tab first, but this will interfere with using single-character shortcut keys. But to set that up, set this in moi.ini :


Hope this helps!

- Michael