Just to say thank you

 From:  SurlyBird
Have to echo the others and throw some more kudos your way, Michael. MoI is my go-to-program and it is easily my favorite modeling tool - so easy to use, with a simple and elegant GUI (love the pen/tablet workflow), and plays so well with other programs (Zbrush, Modo, Maya, etc). The quality of my work has increased by an order of magnitude since I started using MoI nearly a year ago.

I like that MoI is so focused and fun to use, not to mention ridiculously stable (maybe two crashes after a year's heavy use and I think in both instances it had more to do with Windows memory management than MoI). MoI rewards me for trying new ways to solve modeling problems where other programs punish me for thinking outside their box. Modeling tasks I used to dread are now fun. I think I read somebody else saying MoI is their new favorite game and that is definitely how I feel when I use MoI. Please keep up the amazing work!