Anyone have a V1 .edu license they're willing (and able) to sell?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi archie - unlike a regular full license, the EDU discounted licenses can't be transferred, that's the only restriction or difference between them and a regular license (there is no restriction on how you _use_ the EDU license though, like it's not for "non commercial use only" like some kinds of EDU licenses are).

> He said he thought it was an EDU license

An EDU license will actually be marked in the license key itself, it will say VER1EDU at the start of the license key.

But it is not required to have a v1 EDU license for the v2 upgrade, any valid v1 license should work fine.

Please e-mail me at and include your v1 license key so I can take a look and see why it might not be accepted. One thing that would prevent it from working is if it was actually the v1 key that was pirated and distributed on the internet - that one is not valid for upgrading from. Other than that any v1 key is supposed to work.

If you can please send me the license key in e-mail I can give you more details.

- Michael