Anyone have a V1 .edu license they're willing (and able) to sell?

 From:  archie
An acquaintance gave me his MOI v1 licence since he never used it anymore. He said he thought it was an EDU license, so I went to studica and bought the V2 EDU upgrade (yes, I am a student).

But apparently it's not an EDU license, which appears to be what the program is looking for when launching for the first time and asking for serials - it doesn't accept the V1 license #.

Studica hasn't responded to my emails about an exchange for the full EDU version, but I did find their returns page stating they don't do returns for download software.

So it looks like I'm out the $50 on the misunderstanding. But before I bite the bullet and pay another $100 for a non upgrade edu lic, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew of a V1 edu license number I could buy for cheap.

Or alternatively, if anyone wanted to buy my V2 EDU upgrade license (like new condition!)

If transferring licenses is not allowed please accept my apologies and feel free to delete.