status when loading iges files

 From:  Michael Gibson
3711.2 In reply to 3711.1 
Hi Dave, yup that's going to be a priority to work on for MoI v3.

Right now MoI will appear to be frozen while it is busy crunching away at importing the IGES file and the UI won't come back to life until it is all finished with that task.

One way you can tell if it is still working now is by looking in the Windows task manager - if you see there that MoI.exe is crunching away consuming CPU cycles, that means that it is still busy chewing on the IGES file and has not crashed or anything despite the appearance of the UI all frozen looking.

In MoI v3 I want to implement a progress bar for the load and not make the UI have this bad frozen appearance while it is working on loading the file.

- Michael