Oldie but Newbie

 From:  how (BLACKSURFACE)
Hey fellow MOIers.

This is my first post here on the forums in quite some time.
I just downloaded the newest upgrade and tried my hand at seeing what this baby can do...or more like, what I can't.
So I took on modeling an iPad for my first go ahead, and I am already having unwanted issues.
The iPad has an unusual backing (thats not uncommon in electronics) that raises some interesting modeling procedure questions.

My first approach towards modeling this was to boolean intersect to profile lofts from the top (not screen=front) and side.
Great success yes.

I then went filleting the corners of the newly created boolean and that is where I ran into some problems (not so much the software, but the general curves used.
You can see that the resulting corners dip below the intended profile.
Not so good.

So using the resulting solid, I went back and recreated new curves (in red) for which I would believe would result in a better piece of geometry.
Now my question is what tool should I be using to create such a thing and do I need more detached/separated curves to produce it?

I attached 2 videos on my procedures and the MOI3D file as well.*
Thanks in advance for your desire to help, maybe one (or more) day I can return the favor to this awesome community.


*PS...I was unable to upload the videos (9MB and 5MB) so hopefully the description above and the attached file can prove enough...if not please reply.