GUI performance compared to CAD...

 From:  Michael Gibson
3706.4 In reply to 3706.3 
Hi Burr,

> In one of those videos of a higher end product, I
> noticed when the clcik and rotate drag started, that
> all of the edges automatically hid....

Yeah that would definitely speed up rotation by quite a lot in MoI if it did that.

But I'd kind of prefer not to do that if possible, it kind of makes for a somewhat jarring visual effect because the model suddenly kind of "pops" into a fairly different appearance when you start rotating.

Also doing that on any rotation just all the time also actually penalizes simple models where the edges could have been drawn fine...

Instead of focusing on that, I'd prefer to just speed up the edge draw by possibly using multiple CPU cores and also doing a slightly rougher curve smoothness when it is taking a significant amount of time to draw things.

With that in place that could then could help give a boost any time that the viewport drawing is behaving slowly. That's good because there are a lot of other circumstances where the viewport needs to be redrawn like when selecting things or drawing things - so it's good for any kind of slow draw behavior to get some kind of slight quality decrease + speed increase rather than only something that helps rotation specifically and not other activities.

Then after that kind of automatic degradation would be in place then I could look at possibly not drawing edges at all in some specific activities like rotations on heavy objects.

- Michael