Old school Astro-WIP

 From:  BurrMan
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Hey Danny... Just a note from me.

""""""I'll give polys a go one of these days."""""""""""""

As you contemplate this, look at an app called "Hexagon" from Daz3d (same guys who own Carrara). It was the next gen "Amapi3d" app from the antoine Clappier bunch before they disbanded. Most likely, you can find this bundled somewhere for free, just as Carrara, or it is very inexpensive to buy.

The jist is the development of the app is fairly dead, though it is very good as it stands. Some stability smideons (If you beat her about the head and neck, she may crash, but if you kisss and buy flowers, you can live happy!! )

ANyway, I was working my brother into some organic stuff, and recently started this app on my computer again...I am using it in conjunction with 3d coat and am very pleased. I am spending a bit of time in the forum over there, and see some of the folks from here over there. getting some help is easy and the forum isnt too rough around the edges....

ANyway, FYI.

(BTW: I also understand that, that may not be the main issue anyway. (You're a NURBS Guy) I am in the middle of getting my head around creating a square because I want a round hole in something!!! LOL)

I am watching "Steve@Home" from this forum over there. He seems to know poly modeling fairly well.