Old school Astro-WIP

 From:  PaQ
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Wow, that's a challenge Danny, and it's coming already so well.
I actually love the ears !!!

Nurbs will bring back this robot/skiny and cold mood from the original version.

I'm not sure about the eyes for the moment, sure it match the original drawing, but having real sphere can bring so much live in, as you can build (and animate)
them like 'human' eyes or at least puppet eyes. (that's what they did in the 2009 version). And the trick is to keep also this manga eyes contour.

Here was my attempt : http://paqwak.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Chib.jpg

I get of course more freedom (poly modeling), it's not astroboy, so I don't know if you can adapt the idea in your actual project.

Whatever, your technique is impressive !