Csec and Lineweb

 From:  Michael Gibson
3700.17 In reply to 3700.13 
Hi Mario,

> Hi Michael is it possible to combiend the lineweb command
> with the loft command ex : type off loft curve or surface

Well you can just use Loft directly on the original curves that you selected for LineWeb - it's not necessary to run LineWeb first if you want to loft a surface through a set of curves.

So for example if you have some curves like this:

Select them:

And then run Construct > Loft on them directly:

So note that there isn't any need to run LineWeb if you want to create a loft through those curves.

LineWeb is more for some special effects like if you want to use the curves to build tubes around them or cut them into segments to build panels or things of that nature.

For just creating a surface through the curves you don't really need to be use LineWeb at all, just use Loft by itself.

- Michael