problems selecting curves or lines in V2

 From:  Michael Gibson
3697.5 In reply to 3697.1 
Hi michael, this is probably caused by turning on anti-aliasing at the driver level.

MoI uses some calculations using the video card to do some selection stuff, and if the video card forces anti-aliasing to happen during these steps involving selection it can mess things up.

Please go to your video driver settings and see if turning off anti-aliasing there (the setting is often times called "application controlled" or something like that for it not to be forced on) solves the problem or not.

Often times you can have different settings in there for individual programs, and if your driver has that you can set just moi.exe to be "application controlled".

Please let me know if that does not solve the problem or if you have any difficulty locating the anti-aliasing settings in the driver.

- Michael