Drag Select Behaviour Incorrect

 From:  Michael Gibson
3691.4 In reply to 3691.3 
Hi NightCabbage, yes it might be possible to have that as an option in v3.

One thing that may be somewhat of a complication is the c) behavior though:

> c) You have one or more objects selected. You drag an
> unselected object. Nothing will happen.

This means that dragging would diverge quite a bit from clicking - right now there is a kind of symmetry between clicking to select an object and dragging on an object - in both cases the active object which was highlighted with a halo around it gets affected in some way.

But in the case that you're talking about here would mean doing things much differently between a click and a drag.

The other complication is in the situation that you showed initially where you have a selected and unselected object and trying to pick at a spot where they actually cross over each other. That makes it pretty easy to actually drag on the unselected one unless there was some kind of priority or extra gravity given to the selected one. Right now the gravity is actually given to the unselected one to make it easier to select things by clicking, so that's again an area where there is some conflict between what click selection is trying to do versus what this modified kind of drag would be trying to do.

At any rate, currently you probably would benefit from setting up a keyboard shortcut for the Move command so you could trigger it easily when you wanted this behavior - it works like you are describing where it just takes in the current selection and does not modify it like dragging does.

- Michael