Drag Select Behaviour Incorrect

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi NightCabbage, check out this previous thread for a discussion on this:


So I hover over the center of the Horizontal line, but then, when I click and drag it, instead of moving my current selection (the obvious behaviour which I want, because dragging is moving, not selecting), it will instead deselect my current object and select and move the other, unselected vertical line.

Yes, this is intentional behavior - if you drag on an unselected object selection will shift to it alone. This is to enable doing quick tweaks of individual objects or control points without having to do a lot of deselecting in between each drag.

Here's an example from that previous thread that shows why it is set up this way:

The solution to your problem here is to use the Transform > Move command instead of dragging - Move is not focused on that kind of "quick tweaking" action like Drag is, once you launch Move it will not alter the selection so you will not have any problem grabbing the midpoint of that line as the base point if you use Move.

If you drag an object - it will not change your selection at all, but just move the currently selected ojbect(s). And if you have nothing selected, then it will select that object and begin moving it (as it also does presently).

Unfortunately not changing the selection at all during drag would have some pretty major bad side effects. For instance here is a pretty simple case where there are 3 selected circles and now you move your mouse over the 4th unselected one and drag it:

If it worked like you are describing here with no selection changes on drag, that means that when you dragged the unselected circle nothing would happen to it at all and instead the other 3 circles far away from your mouse would actually be the ones that moved...

You'd also end up with an extra deselection step needed after adjusting control points and stuff like that, some other example are given in that thread above.

So for this case, what you had run into is actually correct behavior because it makes dragging work better for "quick tweaking" type activities. If the behavior gets in your way you need to use the Transform > Move command instead which will solve the problem.

- Michael