Drag Select Behaviour Incorrect

 From:  NightCabbage
Hey again :)

This is a little behaviour of MoI that has gotten in the way frequently (but I've only just remembered to post about it now).

Take the following example:

I have selected the horizontal line, and now I want to move it (by its center).

So I hover over the center of the Horizontal line, but then, when I click and drag it, instead of moving my current selection (the obvious behaviour which I want, because dragging is moving, not selecting), it will instead deselect my current object and select and move the other, unselected vertical line.

So my suggestion for behaviour is as follows:

If you click (but don't drag) an object - it will select/deselect that object (like current behaviour).

If you drag an object - it will not change your selection at all, but just move the currently selected ojbect(s). And if you have nothing selected, then it will select that object and begin moving it (as it also does presently).