Grid Snap Fail (Offset Tool)

 From:  Michael Gibson
3690.2 In reply to 3690.1 
Hi NightCabbage, that's a bug, I should be able to fix it in v3.

The reason it happens is that when you do an offset, the point that you pick is not really targeted specifically at the viewport's grid, instead it is targeted at a generic plane that the curve is on, with something like the centroid point of the curve as the plane's origin.

That's so that you can do an offset on any planar curve even if it does not happen to be lined up with the viewport's grid. For example offset will work on a planar curve at some arbitrary angle like this:

But if the curve's plane is parallel to the view's plane I could set the plane origin to be lined up with the view's grid origin so that grid snap would work as you were expecting.

For now there are a couple of different workarounds you can use - you can place a point object in at the spot you want to offset to and then snap to that, or you can use the distance mode of offset instead, for example if you type in 1 when you are in Offset it will switch to distance mode and the offset will be constrained to be 1 unit in distance and then you just pick which side you want it to go on.

Thanks for reporting the bug,

- Michael