From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo, the difficulty is that it's hard for me to know in advance exactly how long most things will take. If something ends up taking a long time to develop, it could end up being postponed or happen in some gradual steps or something like that. So that's one reason why it is difficult for me to set out a roadmap.

The other thing is that I tend to adapt what I'm working on in response to what people are doing with the software and what problems are most often being encountered. That's kind of a fluid thing, one good way to influence that is to post something in the "top 5 feature request" thread here:

I would say though that I view generating a drawing with hidden lines removed as a high priority because it would help with data flow from MoI into other applications. That's generally an important area for MoI since it is often used in combination with other software.

- Michael