3DConnexion Device Axis bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3673.4 In reply to 3673.1 
Hi blackpixel, also just to help clarify - if you have set Rotation style = "Rotate around world axis", then twisting the knob like this:

will result in a motion around the world z axis like this:

Tilting the knob forward or backward like this:

will result in an up/down type rotation like this:

By default those are the only motions that will be used so that you stay oriented upwards as you would when walking around your room in real life. But if you enable the "Allow rotation tilt" option, then an additional rotation is available, by tilting the knob to the left or right like this:

Which will produce a tilt around the view's forward looking direction like so:

If you prefer to have a different knob direction for controlling the tilt, set the "Swap twist and tilt" option to swap those actions.

- Michael