3DConnexion Device Axis bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3673.3 In reply to 3673.1 
Hi blackpixel, so by default the controller will only apply an up-down type motion and a lateral "spin around" type motion.

If you also want to add in a "tilt your head from left to right" type motion, that's what will be added by enabling the "Allow rotation tilt" checkbox under Options > Rotate/Pan/Zoom options > 3Dconnextion options.

With that enabled, there are 3 different kinds of motion mapped to the 3 different kinds of actions on the controller.

If you want some different behavior, there are also options there for swapping the motions like you can swap the directions used for panning and zooming, or for twisting and tilting.

Maybe the part that is confusing you is that the view movement also works in combination with the Rotation style that is set under Options > Rotate/Pan/Zoom options > Rotation style, at the top of that dialog.

If you have Rotation style = "Rotate around world z axis", then the twisting motion of the controller will turn around the model going around the world z axis, which it sounds like you want to do.

If you have Rotation style = "Free rotation", then twisting is not tied to the world z axis but rather is controlled by the current up direction, producing a kind of more localized effect that does not keep things oriented to the world z axis.

So if you want to rotate around world z, make sure you have Rotation style = "Rotate around world z axis", maybe you have changed that setting to "Free rotation" instead?

I just tested this all and I can't seem to find any bugs...

- Michael