From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi s7r83dg3, are you talking about the T-tools library from T-splines?

> is this something you could implement into moi?

Yes, it's possible but it would take quite a lot of work to make MoI into a sub-d modeler, the sub-d toolset involves things like pulling points and edges of a poly mesh around which is a much different toolset than what MoI currently is focused on.

It's a lot more work than just using some library, it would involve dozens of new commands, a lot of new UI and workflow which requires a lot of design time, etc...

I'm definitely interested to look into it at some point in the future but the quantity of work involved makes it difficult to know exactly when it could happen.

Right now T-splines is available as a Rhino plugin, so if you want to use T-splines right now you could get Rhino + T-splines plugin which you can use along side of MoI.

- Michael