Moi3D is great...but is it what I need?

 From:  Syziph
Hi guys!
This is my first post and I think it better suits here.
I also want to say that MOI is great and very easy to understand.
However it is nescessary to understand the NURBS modeling approach too, which differ from polygonal and SDS modeling.
I followed a link form a Blender forum just because I wanted to learn NURBS modeling and I think I found the best solution!
I use Anim8or for a few years and didn't expected you to mention it here.
It's very easy to learn and someone compared it as basic 3DS Max.
In the new version was introduced the ASL (Anim8or Scripting Language), which will bring additional power to this unique software (it is only 821.6 KB !).
Check out the gallery and the forums :

However I think, integration of a few software products for different tasks is the best option.

I wish MOI to develop fast and to be successful!

See you in the forums!