Moi3D is great...but is it what I need?

 From:  bluesea

First, even though I'm sure you are sick of hearing it, congratulations for making the most intuitive UI I have ever used for 3d. I am new to the 3d world and am *overwhelmed* by most of the programs I am trying to learn..there is just soooo (too?) much. But with Moi from day one, all I have done is get better faster. Seriously, you've got a great product here. And it is just simply fun to use. I can compare it to Sketchup, which I am also learning and is relatively easy to use, but even Sketchup seems so clunky compared to Moi.

With that said, being new to 3d, I'm not sure Moi is what I need. (By the by I have a strong Autocad 2d background.) I'm thinking that solid modeling is what I really need (ie, Pro/E, Solidworks, etc.) as I want to create part lists for fabrication and export sheets to laser cutters and shapes to CNC machines. But Maybe Moi can still be a tool to help me get to where I need to go more quickly with the design. Can Moi be exported to Solidworks, etc?

General question: Does anyone know of a good 3d primer talking about what you should actually use each type of software for. That is, when should I use 3dmax, Maya, Rhino, Zbrush, Blender, Sketchup, Solidworks, etc. AND, most importantly, where does Moi fit into all of these? What does Moi replace or improve on? Sorry for such a noobish question, but there just seems to be so much 3d out there that I am getting lost! Also, rendering. Another whole can of worms! Again, any good primers out there?