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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> Command "Connect points" can't make that?

No, that does something different - it's oriented towards making lines between the points that are closest to one another.

So for the kind of arrangement that you have there, it could probably build a set of lines around the outer boundary of your shape, it would not create lines that go all the way across to the opposite side of the shape.

It would be very difficult for program code to look at all your points there and understand which ones to connect up - remember that a program does not really have human intelligence and the ability to easily recognize patterns like that.

It would probably be possible to create a script that would generate points by doing an array on curve and then draw lines between those points. That would give the program some kind of structure and ordering to the points that it could use, rather than just having some big pile of points. But there could be some details that would be hard to get right in the script, like making sure that when you pick 2 curves that the points are going in the same direction on them instead of going in opposite directions.

If you want to try to make a script like that, Petr's "ReconstructCurves" script would be a good starting point, since it uses that same kind of technique of generating points by using array curve:

I'm afraid that it's probably going to be complicated enough that I can't just create it for you myself though, sorry. I could try to help you with it if you get stuck in a particular thing though.

But this kind of automated construction process is probably something that you would create with some kind of scripting, you may want to look at Rhino's Grasshopper mechanism, it is a kind of node based scripting mechanism that makes it a bit easier to create automated constructions.

- Michael