Automatic process

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou, try the attached plugin .

To install it, unzip and copy the 2 files into the \commands subfolder inside of MoI v2's main installation folder.

Then to launch it you can either type in <tab>lineweb<enter> or go to Options > Shortcut keys and set up a new shortcut key with LineWeb as the command name.

It will take a sequence of curves, if you have more than 2 click on them to select them in the order you want them connected. Then it produces stuff like this:

There is a point count option that you can adjust for how many connection points you want.

To get the kind of thing you were wanting, you would run it twice - first with 2 lines like this:

Then select just the outermost 2 lines that were just created and run it again:

Note that when you run it the second time, there will be some lines created right over top of the very original 2 lines so there will be duplicates there, you may want to delete those original lines after doing the first run through.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Uploaded new, this updated version now has an option to build either lines, polylines, a smooth curve, or point objects.

EDIT2: Uploaded another new, this one now has a closed option to make a closed ring of lines or a closed curve.

- Michael