Curve and Points

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sharif,

So for #1 one option could be to use the line connecting script that Burr was mentioning which is available here:

Then you could select all those lines and use Join to make them into a polyline and then try to use Rebuild on that to smooth it out.

But you may get a more naturally shaped curve by using those points as the control points of a curve.

One idea for that could be to select your points and use the "Save point file" plug-in command from here:

That can take your points and create a text file that has a list of them in it.

Then there is a companion command "Import point file":
which can read in a text file with a list of points in it and create the result either as individual points, a polyline, or as the control points for a freeform curve and probably the last may give you a good result.

- Michael