Dimensions and line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael ...

Ideally the dimension text would be selectable for style and size and it would be good if the arrowheads were able to be sized by the user.

I know this is not going to happen rapidly but one of these days soon I will send you a list of the things I would like to see when dimensioning does become available in MoI.

I will check out a free program called DraftSight that reads and produces .dwg files when I am not so busy ... a quick look at it seems pretty good.

Thanks for all the listening you do with your users ... I do understand the time constraints ... I have a one person design office (by choice) and there are times when I hardly have time for anything else and still can't keep up.

Our greenhouse tomatoes are getting out of hand so yesterday I simply had to stop for awhile to build a bamboo trellis to tie them up to. It was great getting away from the computer for a couple of hours.