Dimensions and line types

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi eric & olio, I definitely understand that it is inconvenient and can be cumbersome to switch to another program to do the 2D drafting stuff, that's why it is on my target list of things that I want to add into MoI.

But there is a pretty big difference between that kind of problem and a "just can't get it done" kind of problem, and that comes into play when scheduling it.

I think one of the initial steps in this area will actually be to improve the 2D export from MoI, to be able to generate a hidden-line 2D drawing to DXF format, that would be a big step to making drafting data transfer work more smoothly.

Then after that other things directly in MoI will come in over time, but they will probably start out pretty basic and simple though and I'm not sure if something simple will meet your drafting needs or not, like do you need highly detailed control over the spacing of the arrowheads in your dimension lines and things like that?

- Michael