Dimensions and line types

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael ...

I do understand, of course, though it is somewhat inconvenient to switch back and forth between programs for modeling and drafting. The same applies to rendering. It is very convenient to be able to use a rendering program as a plug-in within the program.

So, I don't use MoI for my primary tool as much as I would like. It is my favorite modeler.

I even gave Sketchup another try as with 'layout' it is now possible to create a set of working drawings within it. However, I still find Sketchup awkward and not very intuitive from my particular viewpoint. I know that users are very subjective but Sketchup and I have never been very comfortable with each other.

I agree that there are some quite good, low cost, drafting programs out there and realize your reluctance to reinvent the wheel.