Dimensions and line types

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi eric, I still do not have (and may never have) a detailed plan for exactly what will be in v3 and what won't be.

So I don't really know the exact answer to your question for whether dimensions and line types will be in v3 or whether they will come later than that.

They are definitely on my radar, but I don't yet know how much work will be involved to make them happen.

Also one other factor that plays into this particular area is that there are quite a lot of low cost and even free 2D drafting programs available out there.

That enters into the overall cost/benefit type analysis, because if for example I spent a bunch of time making a highly refined 2D drafting/production drawing toolset to add into MoI, the end result would certainly be nice but it would not exactly provide you with a breakthrough that enabled you to do things that you couldn't do before. But if I took the same time and instead applied it to various kinds of 3D modeling tools, those could actually provide you with some kinds of tools to do things that you could not do before...

- Michael