feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
3657.2 In reply to 3657.1 
Hi PP - for Cinema4D try the RipTide plug-in (http://skinprops.com/riptide.php), it will help you to preserve material information when importing OBJ format.

re: spaces in the filename - actually MoI will automatically replace spaces in the .mtl file name with underscores, but it sounds like DAZ may not be reading the "mtllib" statement in the OBJ file that is supposed to tell it which material file to use. From what you describe is sounds like it assumes the .mtl file name has the same name as the .obj file which is not necessarily the case.

Re: specularity - I'm not entirely sure but that seems like it could be a bug in DAZ Studio, that Ks that you're mentioning is not quite exactly specular "strength" - it's the specular color.

The strength of the specular highlight in focus size is actually the Ns value, which is set there to 0 which I think other programs interpret to mean that the specular highlights are disabled.

Unfortunately the structure of .mtl files is not as well documented as it is for .obj files, so it becomes easy for different programs to interpret things slightly differently.

It may have some bad side effects to change the specular color to be rgb = 0,0,0 because in some programs that would then cause people to need to do an extra step if they did want to enable specular highlights. Instead of just enabling them they would have to enable it and also change the specular color as well... So I'm not so sure about changing that by default, it would need some testing with a variety of other programs to see how they behave.

- Michael