feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
3657.12 In reply to 3657.11 
Hi Mark, so in v3 I can give setting Ks = 0,0,0 a try by default and see if it causes any difficulty.

I did a quick test, and for Blender it does mean that someone has to adjust the specular color first before adjusting the strength in order to add specularity, but Cinema4D seems to interpret it a bit nicer and just has specular color disabled (and implicitly white) and still can enable specular highlights more easily.

Each program can interpret these things in a slightly different way.

> For the time being what would you suggest regarding that
> value given that I need my models to go out to a customer
> using Max?

Well, I guess if you don't want any specularity the safest thing is to set Ks = 0,0,0 in addition to Ns = 0, that seems to have the best chance of having it turned off in a receiving application.

But since each program interprets this slightly differently it is hard to really know for sure what Max is going to do with it without actually testing it.

- Michael