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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi tsep,

> i need good geometry... how can i revolve ...?

Check out the "Pod" and "Crown of clubs" video tutorials available here:

Both of those tutorials have a revolve in it as part of the model, so those should help out to show you the steps for creating a base revolve shape in MoI.

But you basically just draw a profile curve, then select it and run the "Revolve" command (it's under the Construct palette on the side pane), and then pick 2 points to define the revolve axis.

All the little raised knob things are going to be quite difficult though. If you already have the pattern of those how you want them in Modo then you may want to export that as an OBJ file from modo, and then use the converter available here:
which can take the OBJ file and create a 3DM file with the wireframe as lines that can be then loaded into MoI to use for creating surfaces.

- Michael