Fillet brain freeze

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Talking about viacad, I really have a bad experience so far, using the 30 days trials :

1) get a lot of trim error when importing MoI .3dm ... so I had so switch to .step, which seems not to be the best format either if I undestand it right.
2) get a lot of random crash, but always using the fillet tool ... complete freezing of the computer (-> reboot)
3) navigation sucks (but that's probably a matter of taste :P)
4) while indeed after all that problems I was able to resolve complex fillet scenario, the command itself is really slow, at a point that I prefer doing simple fillet in MoI, and only the complex one
with viacad.

It's quite hard to evaluate the support when testing , so does you guys have any positive experience with viacad ? aren't here any other ACIS based modeler around that doesn't cost an eye or so ?