Fillet brain freeze

 From:  Tree (TREELOY)
Hi Michael,

As always, thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. After a while working with MOI one gets the "feeling" where certain situations will be more difficult to fillet. This was/is one of them. I also noticed the difference where some edges where filleting out and others in and this combination of the 2 trying to come together was causing a problem. Oh I also did notice the little edge hiding in there btw. In most cases, for more complex objects I sometimes have to try a couple times to find the best solution to get a fillet to work. This one was a bit more difficult than usual, so I figured it was time to ask the guru.

Maybe the ACIS modelling kern could be something to consider for future versions of MOI. Although I'm not sure as to the availability of it or the degree to which others using MOI would also need something like it. I just love to fillet since using MOI. :)