Fillet brain freeze

 From:  Michael Gibson
3651.15 In reply to 3651.6 
Hi Tree,

> Maybe the ACIS modelling kern could be something to
> consider for future versions of MOI.

Yeah, that is something I'm considering. But unfortunately the ACIS kernel is significantly more expensive and also has a lot more complex royalty based licensing than any other libraries that I currently use with MoI.

Another thing that kind of makes it complex is that it is not quite an entirely 100% "black and white" thing, there are actually some cases that MoI's geometry kernel will fillet that the ACIS one does not handle, although these are in the category of a large fillet radius going around a too-tight bend. I've attached an example, you can fillet this in MoI with a radius of 2 but it won't work in ViaCAD with a radius that large, that's because MoI's geometry kernel can sometimes slice out some areas of the fillet that would otherwise be self-intersecting:

But the ACIS kernel handles way more kinds of corner conditions where fillets need to come together.

- Michael