Fillet brain freeze

 From:  Tree (TREELOY)
Hey Michael,

Having a bit of a trouble-shooting problem. After booleaning some shapes together, I'm trying to fillet some of the edges to a small degree. At the moment, I'm consistently running into roadblocks to find the right edge selection order to get a fillet to work. Is there a way to trouble shoot better to see where the problem is occuring. I'm basically just going by trial and error, selecting various edges to find a combination that works. Just haven't found it yet. I know fillets can be very tricky with complex shapes. I'm including a screenshot of one of the edge areas I try to fillet. Often I get fillets that either just don't have any result or the fillets shoot out of the object in all directions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll send you the moi file by e-mail.