Fillet problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
365.2 In reply to 365.1 
Hi Slobodan,

In both cases the filleter is having a problem with a small edge that is inside the fillet area:



The "seam" edge of the sphere happens to be very nearby.

The filleter should eventually get better and handle this situation properly, but it will probably be a while before it will get improved, I will have to wait for the people who make my geometry library to fix this case.

In the meantime there are a couple of different ways to work around it - one possibility is to rotate the sphere so that it doesn't have an edge in that area - I've attached an example of that which will now fillet properly (

To do this, I selected those 2 faces, then did Edit/Separate so I could work on just them. Then I separated them again into 2 individual surfaces, I untrimmed the sphere by selecting its edges and hitting delete, and then rotated the sphere from the top by 180 degrees, and then from the side by 45 degrees to move the seam edge of the sphere completely out of that area, then re-trimmed the sphere by the cylinder piece...

Kind of annoying, but you may find it necessary to rotate closed surfaces to move their seam edges out of the "working zone" when the fillets have problems with them.

There is another possibility of a workaround by untrimming the surfaces and then selecting the 2 surfaces to fillet. This does a surface/surface fillet which is slightly different than an edge fillet, it is another way to solve some fillet problems but in this case since you've got a nice symmetrical sphere there just rotating it is easier.

- Michael