How to create a tensile tight surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi nufu, actually this project does not particularly leverage the best strengths of NURBS because you are working with a shape that is not able to be fully described by 2D profile curves.

Working with full 3D curves and wavy surfacing tends to be a more advanced area of NURBS modeling, and you also move more into the territory of what sub-d modeling is more suited for.

That's particularly the case if you have little folds and details on your surfaces. Most often those are parts of organic shapes like parts around eyes and mouths but you have a similar kind of model to that here where you kind of want some small localized folds.

So I'd say your particular project here is probably better suited for sub-d tools and not NURBS tools really.

If you had any kind of mechanical shape that you wanted to construct, that would be much more the area where you would find the NURBS tools much more suitable.

> Can the surface be relaxed somehow?

There are not currently any tools in MoI for sort of mutating or melting a shape that you have already created, that's again something more suited for polygon modeling.

It can tend to help to use fewer curves to make a more relaxed surface rather than using more though, the more curves you add tends to add more constraints and more "pressure" applying to the surface which tends to make undulations unless all the curves are positioned in a really good shape.

It would also help if your curves were closer to touching each other, there are many areas where the different curves are fairly far apart from each other, that tends to cause Netowork to make that kind of patchy type result. For example there is quite a large gap between these 2 ones:

Those kinds of large gaps kind of reduce the accuracy and smoothness of the final result, there will be a kind of fight between the different directions in those areas, producing a sort of fault line.

I don't really think you're going to get a nice result with Network on this case though, you've just got too many irregularities in it, too many areas with really sharp bends, too much variation between different shapes...

NURBS surfacing tools tend to be better suited for broader smoother sheets that don't have small localized bumps or folds in them.

- Michael