How to create a tensile tight surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, that is a good way to do it.

The potential difficulty might be in getting a nice blend shape between them, a fillet with a circular cross-section may give a kind of "machined" look to the blended area. Using a G2 blend shape instead of circular shape could help with that. It may have some difficulty getting a nice shape in the shared corner region between 3 of the shapes where the blends come together.

Then if you want to produce a kind of pointy outline around the outer edge of the shape you could do that by trimming away some of the outside area by a profile curve from the top rather than trying to incorporate an outline like this directly into the surface construction:

It tends to be difficult to surface something with such irregularity or localized small tight bends in it directly, instead building a more simple smooth larger surface like you are showing and then trimming it is usually better.

- Michael