New Rhino / Cinema 4D Import / Export Plugin announced

 From:  lllab
Hi Michael,

my comments where not been against MOI at all, but just the fact that i in our long term studio work sometimes get artifacts when using obj import to c4d. regardless from rhino or moi(or other software).
even though moi produced better obj export than rhino. it definitely wasn't without problems all time (might also be a c4d obj problem, with reptide works somehow better, but all not real good in end and bad structured)

thats why we developed for your studio needs , and also made it public to all.
i own and like MOI since very first v1 versions, and 2 beta verisons, and rhino since many many years, and i love both & know both pretty well.

of course it is possible with try ans error to get a more or less clean import into c4d. but it is really much easier from rhino to cinema4d with all my files import just perfect. also it keeps all layers, blocks, hierarchical structures, materials cameras, lights, etc.
it is very true that the tessellation engine is much better in MOI (i would wish rhino had a similar), but also the rhino tessellation does its job and provides internally good meshes for render, i think it is sad that in MOI the meshes cant be saved into the 3dm file. i asked you that many month before some time ago. you said you had no plans to do so due to some limitations you see in the 3dm file, that might e true of course.
still in everyday artist work work flow is essential. and the method uses with rhino is juts working perfect.
thats why i meant it would be great if sometime also MOI would have an option to save meshes to the 3dm format and make such plugins possible:-)

i myself love and use MOI along side with rhino(at least until my beta 2 expired last dec.), at the moment one has to open my moi files in rhino and re save to import he scenes easily into c4d. thats an ok work flow, which brings me also perfect render results and suits my work flow. but it would be nice to skip the rhino par sometime and connect also MOI as close as possible to c4d:-)

so i truly hope we have not started an MOI versus Rhino thread here or on cgtalk. as said , we the producer of are also MOI users. both is great software
maybe Michael you see a way sometime of adding such a feature ( or have another suggestion how we could in a similar way add direct MOI support).
we would be happy to support moi too of course. many users do ask us for that in fact. so there seem to be a wish for that, and the direct opening of 3dm files in c4d does have quite some advantages.

best greetings
Stefan Laub
laublab kg

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